• 1 Gallon of our Sun-Gro Brand premium horticulture vermiculite
  • Premium horticulture grade, medium course level (Asbestos Free)
  • A very popular add-on item for any Kits/Jars/Spawn Bags & bulk casing grows!
  • Use during fruiting stage to help cakes absorb additional moisture

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    Our premium horticulture vermiculite is simply the best grade and variety for mushroom growers. Almost all vermiculite sold in local stores is very coarse. It's hard to use properly in the mushroom growing process. We use only medium course Sun-Gro Premium grade Horticulture vermiculite in all our products! Vermiculite absorbs water and is a key ingredient in many aspects of mushroom growing and fruiting. Vermiculite is a popular add on to almost any kit or growing project.

    • Use to roll your colonized cakes in after dunking. This helps them stay hydrated and grow bigger.
    • Add a thin layer to any bulk grow and mist with water. This helps it absorb water and keeps the cake better hydrated to create bigger mushrooms.
    • Plus many more!