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Classic 5oz Glass Alcohol Lamp  Classic 5oz Glass Alcohol Lamp, lab essential, high-temperature flame, sterilize needles, inoculations, black soot, top-notch lab work, upgrade lab game, heating device, glass container, alcohol fuel, wick, burner, steady flame, chemistry experiments, medical laboratories, sterilizing instruments, heating samples, controllable source of heat, easy to handle, easy to refill
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    A glass alcohol lamp is a type of heating device commonly used in laboratories. It consists of a glass container that holds a small amount of alcohol, which is used as fuel. The container is fitted with a wick or a burner, and when the alcohol is lit, it produces a small, steady flame that can be used to heat objects or substances.These lamps are often used in chemistry experiments or in medical laboratories for tasks such as sterilizing instruments or heating samples. They are preferred over...

    Mini Alcohol Lamp Inoculation Bundle alcohol lamp, portable lighting, denatured alcohol, metal reinforced wicks, on-the-go, durable, professional cultivator, inoculating, spore syringes, substrate jars, spawn bags, flame sterilization, butane-free, high temperatures, black soot residue, superior alternative, sterilization, cultivation process
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      Our mini portable aluminum alcohol lamp is an essential tool for any professional cultivator. When inoculating spore syringes into substrate jars and spawn bags, flame sterilization of the needle is a critical requirement. Unlike regular lighters that contain butane, our alcohol lamp burns denatured alcohol and produces high temperatures, ensuring complete sterilization without leaving any black soot residue. With regular lighters, substrate tends to cling to the needle while inoculating,...