Introducing our must-have lab essential: the Classic 5oz Glass Alcohol Lamp! Say goodbye to unreliable butane lighters and hello to a constant high-temperature flame that will quickly and easily sterilize your needles for error-proof inoculations. With no more pesky black soot to wipe away, you'll save time and have peace of mind knowing your lab work is top-notch. Don't settle for less - upgrade your lab game with the Classic 5oz Glass Alcohol Lamp today!

Check out the amazing features of our Classic 5oz Glass Alcohol Lamp:

  • Thick glass construction for added durability and stability
  • Ceramic wick holder ensures a steady flame for efficient sterilization
  • Extinguisher Cap for easy and safe extinguishing
  • Extra long wick provides over 50 hours of use
  • Comes with an easy-to-follow instruction guide

**Denatured alcohol sold separately for your convenience**

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    A glass alcohol lamp is a type of heating device commonly used in laboratories. It consists of a glass container that holds a small amount of alcohol, which is used as fuel. The container is fitted with a wick or a burner, and when the alcohol is lit, it produces a small, steady flame that can be used to heat objects or substances.

    These lamps are often used in chemistry experiments or in medical laboratories for tasks such as sterilizing instruments or heating samples. They are preferred over other types of heating devices because they provide a very controllable and consistent source of heat, and are easy to handle and refill.

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    Wow, this baby is durable! Super easy to use and just like I remember is science class!



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    The product arrived in a timely manner, very satisfied with this product.