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Indoor Greenhouse (Martha Tent) Heater and Humidity Control Unit temperature controller,heat mat thermostat
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Myco Labs Item #: HCU1 -

    Mycolabs Indoor adjustable greenhouse heater is the perfect solution to boost the heat and humidity in any size indoor greenhouse or grow space. The climate control system is a custom built unit that uses convection and infrared heat technologies to evenly heat and humidify the entire area while eliminating hot spots and temperature and humidity variations. Great for basements or cold spaces! Includes: - Custom built MDF waterproof housing- Adjustable heating- 200W Infrared Heating element (No...

    Indoor Mushroom Greenhouse 4-Shelf Martha Fruiting tent greenhouse,martha tent, fruiting chamber, tent
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    Myco Labs Item #: GH1 -

      The perfect solution for a large scale grow in a small space! Take advantage of vertical space with a Mycolabs 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse. The perfect incubating and fruiting space for any variety of mushroom. Build your own micro-climate room by adding a Monsoon Fogger system (Click for more info). Plenty of space for up to 16 Fruiting blocks! This greenhouse requires no tools to assemble and is very sturdy! Holds up to 50 pounds per shelf! 63" tall 28" wide 20" depth. ...

      MycoLabs Monotub Adhesive Filter Disks (6-Pack)  filter disc, 90mm, synthetic filter disk, polyfil
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      Myco Labs Item #: FD6 -

        Constructed from a durable plastic ring and 3M adhesive back, these disks have the perfect flow rate and density to allow the right amount of air exchange for monotubs or any bulk casing style grow. They keep humidity in and allow for the high levels of air exchange needed for any tub or greenhouse. Simply peel and stick over any size hole up to 2.0" diameter. Can also be re-used! Features & Includes: 6 Polyfil filter disks2.25" diameter diskCovers holes up to 2.0" diameterInstalls in seconds...

        Reusable Self Healing Injection Ports  (50 Pack) self-healing injection port, mushroom spawn, high-temperature silicone, EPDM foam rubber, autoclave temperatures, reusable, cost-effective, hassle-free inoculation, puncturable membrane, sterile environments, syringe, substrate, jar lids, spawn bags, 3M adhesive backing, repeated use, ultimate solution
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        Myco Labs Item #: INJ2 -

          A reusable self-healing injection port is a device that is used in the process of inoculating a substrate with mushroom spores or culture. It is typically made from a special blend of high-temperature silicone and EPDM foam rubber, and features a small, puncturable membrane that "self-heals" after being pierced by a syringe. This allows for repeated use of the injection port without the need for additional equipment or materials. The adhesive backing used on these ports is typically designed...

          Round Air Filter Vents 0.22 Micron with 3M Backing (50-Pack) air filter vents, 0.22 Micron rating, grain jars, liquid cultures, 3M adhesive, autoclave temperatures, 250F, 15psi, diameter, 19mm, air hole, 10mm, jar lid holes, Round Air Filter Vent, small circular filter, trap particles, contaminants, prevent, strong adhesive, easy application, waterproof, reusable, popular choice, DIY projects, scientific applications
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          Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: FV3 -

            A Round Air Filter Vent 0.22 Micron with 3m Backing is a small circular filter used for facilitating gas exchange in live culture containers, grain jars, and liquid cultures. The filter has a 0.22-micron rating, which means it can effectively trap particles and contaminants, preventing them from entering the culture. The filter also has a 3m backing, which is a strong adhesive that allows the filter to be easily applied to clean hard surfaces, such as standard metal and plastic jar lids. This...

            The Mushroom Humidity Dome Mushroom Humidity Dome, Midwest, propagation containers, sturdy, reliable, multiple grows, newcomer, versatile dome, mushroom cultivation, incubating, bulk casing grows, highly effective, fruiting chamber, container, measuring 20.5" x 10" x 2.75", heavy-duty tray, durability, longevity, multiple uses
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            Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: DM1 -

              The Mushroom Humidity Dome is a newcomer to the Midwest that has quickly gained popularity among mushroom growers. This versatile dome is ideal for all stages of mushroom cultivation, from incubating and fruiting jars to bulk casing grows. With the addition of Perlite, the Humidity Dome becomes a highly effective fruiting chamber for jars or can be used as a container for bulk growing. Measuring 20.5" x 10" x 2.75", it is the perfect size for bulk casing grows. The heavy-duty tray and dome...

              Wide Mouth Jar Cultivation Lids with Injection Port (6-Pack)  wide mouth cultivation lids 6-Pack, 90mm jar, grain spawn, liquid culture, synthetic filter, 0.2 Micron filtration, injection port, self-healing, 3M adhesive, seamless fit, canning jar, fresh air, unwanted contaminants, continuous flow, multiple inoculations, plastic lids
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              Myco Labs Item #: LD6 -

                Our cultivation lids are designed to fit seamlessly onto any commonly used "wide mouth" 90mm canning jar, making them a preferred choice among cultivators. These lids are equipped with a top-quality synthetic filter, measuring 22mm, and capable of filtering out particles as small as 0.2 Microns, which is the highest level of filtration available. The use of these lids enables a continuous flow of fresh air while preventing the entry of any unwanted contaminants. They are suitable for...

                Calcium Plus Custom Mineral Blend  gypsum, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, lime
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                Myco Labs Item #: CPC2 -

                  Calcium+, our specially crafted mineral blend composed of gypsum-like minerals and pH buffers. It is an all-purpose additive that can be used on various growing media, grain spawn, and more. With its natural ability to raise pH levels and supply essential minerals, Calcium+ is an indispensable tool for any grower. Moreover, it can help prevent mold growth and improve germination rates in grain spawn. Calcium Sulfate, Calcium Hydroxide, and Activated Carbon are the key ingredients that make...

                  Tyvek Wide Mouth Synthetic Filter Discs with Injection Port (6-Pack) 5-grain Jars, synthetic filter discs, exceptional filtration capabilities, thick filter discs, reusable filter discs, 0.2 microns filtration level, highest filtration, self-healing injection port, RTV high temp silicone, durable injection port, Tyvek wide mouth synthetic filter disk, mycology, mushroom cultivation, high-density polyethylene material, small injection port, contamination prevention, gas exchange, proper air flow,
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                  Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: FD1 -

                    A Tyvek wide mouth synthetic filter disk with injection port is a type of filter that is used in mycology and mushroom cultivation. It is typically made of Tyvek, a high-density polyethylene material, and is designed to fit onto the opening of a wide-mouth jar. The filter disk features a small injection port, usually made of silicone, which allows for the injection of liquid culture or spores into the jar while still maintaining an air-tight seal. The synthetic material of the filter disk...

                    Mycolabs 350W Mushroom Dehydrator With Adjustable Temperature Control  Mycolabs Original Mushroom Dehydrator, mushroom drying, flavor preservation, potency preservation, custom molded trays, large mushrooms, 350W conductive heating element, even heating, low heat drying, health benefits, SMART air circulation system, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, adjustable temperature control, efficient drying, mushroom drying.
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                    Myco Labs Item #: MDH1 -

                      The Mycolabs Original Mushroom Dehydrator is here! Speed up the drying process while preserving the flavor, taste and potency of your mushrooms. Featuring custom molded extra tall trays, you can dry some of the largest mushrooms you can grow without cutting them up! This Professional Series dehydrator also features a 350W conductive heating element that eliminates hot spots and ensure even heating even at the lowest setting. Dry your mushrooms quickly at low heat temperatures with a peace of...