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Monotub Adhesive Filter Disks (6-Pack) filter disc, 90mm, synthetic filter disk, polyfil
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Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: FD4 -

    (NEW! Version 2.0) Take the guess work out of the air exchange equation with our newly designed Polyfil filter disks. Constructed from a durable plastic ring and 3M adhesive back, these disks have the perfect flow rate and density to allow the right amount of air exchange for monotubs or any bulk casing style grow. They keep humidity in and allow for the high levels of air exchange needed for any tub or greenhouse. Simply peel and stick over any size hole up to 2.0" diameter. Can also be...

    Reusable Self Healing Injection Ports  (25 pack)
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      (ON SALE NOW!) Self healing injection ports make inoculation a breeze when making your own spawn. Whether its for jar lids or spawn bags they take the guesswork out of inoculations. These self healing ports are made from a special mix of high temp silicone and EPDM foam rubber and a high temp 3M adhesive backing that will stick and hold up to autoclave temperatures. Just peel and stick! They can be re-used many times! Includes: 25 Self healing ports3M Professional Adhesive Backing Works on...

      Round Air Filter Vents 0.22 Micron with 3M Backing (32 Pack) filter disks
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      Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: FV2 -

        (NEW!)  These 0.22 Micron Air Filtration Disks acts as a tool to allow gas exchange in culture containers, grain jars and liquid cultures. The strong 3M adhesive can withstand autoclave temperatures in excess of 250F at 15psi for extended periods when kept covered and dry during sterilization. The overall diameter of the filter is 19mm and the air hole is 10mm (.39"), perfect for standard 1/4" jar lid holes. This product can be stuck to clean hard surfaces, including standard metal jar...

        Tyvek Wide Mouth Synthetic Filter Discs with Injection Port (6-Pack) filter disc, 90mm, synthetic filter disk,
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        Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: FD1 -

          These are the synthetic filter discs that are featured on our Quick Colonizing 5-grain Jars. They are thick reusable and have a filter level of .2 microns, the highest level of filtration available.These synthetic filters discs fit precisely on any "wide mouth" 90mm canning jar which are commonly used by today's cultivators. Usage of these discs allows a fresh, constant air exchange while preventing the entrance of unwanted contaminates. Use them in place of jar lids, or just drill a hole in...

          The Mushroom Humidity Dome Mycodome,humidity,dome
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          Midwest Grow Kit's Item #: DM1 -

            New to Midwest is the Mushroom Humidity Dome. Perfect for any stage of mushroom growing, the Humidity Dome can be used for incubating & Fruiting jars and bulk casing grows. Add Perlite and create the perfect fruiting chamber for Jars or use as a bulk growing container! Measuring 20.5" x 10" x 2.75" its the optimal size for a bulk casing grow. Heavy duty tray and dome will hold up through multiple uses!