Microposse Laboratory PolyFilm - the hassle-free solution for sealing and incubating AGAR plates! Say goodbye to the frustrating scissor-cutting routine with our easy-to-use film. Upgrade your lab game with PolyFilm today!

Check out the amazing features of our Super Elastic tape:

  • Enjoy maximum flexibility with its super elastic design.
  • Its 1.25" width and 280 ft roll make it perfect for a variety of applications.
  • Say goodbye to dried-out plates, thanks to its excellent sealing capabilities.
  • Keep your cultures free from contamination with this protective tape.
  • Tearing off the tape has never been easier with its hassle-free design - no need for scissors!
  • Unlike other tapes, our Super Elastic tape won't dry out or crack.
  • No more dishes sticking together! Our tape ensures a smooth and hassle-free handling experience.
  • Achieve high clarity in your lab work with this amazing tape.

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    Microposse poly film is a game-changer for working with AGAR. While Parafilm is the lab standard, it can be difficult for beginners to use and is three times more expensive. In contrast, Microposse poly film is cost-effective and won't cause plates to stick together like Parafilm. As avid supporters of mycology vendors, we use and love this product every day in our own lab.