Get the most out of your Monotub/Bulk Casing Grow! When you harvest your mushrooms from cakes that come from jars, twist and pull is the best method. When you use that method in a bulk grow you most likely end up pulling all the surrounding mushrooms that haven't matured, or pulling up casing mix and disturbing the mycelium network. This 15-piece knife set was purposely built for harvesting mushrooms. It includes 10 different blades letting you harvest ONLY the ones that are ready one mushroom at a time. 


  • 10 different precision blades made of carbon and steel
  • 3 handles including an easy grip large diameter model
  • Solid wood box for easy storage with brass hardware
  • Instructions and examples on how to harvest mushrooms correctly and what blades to use. 

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    (LIMITED TIME SALE!) Midwest's Precision Knife set is the perfect tool for harvesting mushrooms from your bulk casing grow. Mushrooms grow in clusters and at different rates. When picking them you must be very careful to only pick the mature mushrooms.

    Another common issue we see when picking from a bulk casing grow is mushrooms leave a hole or divot and it disrupts the mycelium network. No additional mushrooms will grow near that spot. This precision knife set includes the perfect blades for making clean, precise cuts extracting only the mushrooms that are ready and nothing more.

    • Harvest only the mushrooms that are ready
    • Includes 10 different blades for making the perfect cut
    • Includes 2, 7, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, and 24 precision knife blades
    • Comes with attractive solid wooden box for easy storage
    • Extra spare blades included for the most popular sizes
    • Includes our harvesting guide with tips and tricks on how to properly use and get the most out of your grow!