Over 16 feet of seamless LED lighting designed from the ground up with the perfect spectrum & brightness mushrooms crave! Grower's Select M320 COB LED Lighting set is perfect for any greenhouse or grow operation with multiple tubs. Great for shelving or racks, just peel and stick this light where it needs to be! Complete lighting set includes 110V power supply and light reel.

The Grower's Select M320 COB Light Set features: 

    • 5M (16.4 ft) of High Density COB LED diodes
    • Seamless light output using COB LED Chipset
    • Perfect Daylight Spectrum to initiate fruiting & Growth
    • Ultra Bright 1200 Lumen output per meter
    • IP86 Water Resistant lighting perfect for any humid greenhouse
    • Can be cut to any length
    • Ultra low heat output
    • 110/120V Standard Outlet
    • Power Supply Included

    Now included in all of our Ecosphere Kits!

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      (ON SALE!) Our 16.4 ft Grower's Select COB LED Strip Light set is the latest addition to our mushroom lighting solutions. This light designed from the ground up with the perfect spectrum & brightness mushrooms crave! Lighting plays a very important role in the growth and life cycle of mushrooms. Mushrooms use light in many ways including: 

      • Trigger the fruiting cycle, to produce the actual mushroom fruit body
      • Which general direction to grow
      • Maintain the natural day/night cycle.

      Our custom manufactured light is not sold anywhere else. The seamless COB LED light provides the optimal lighting spectrum that helps promote pinning and mushroom growth in all cycles of growth. Designed for Greenhouses and shelving, this light set is perfect for any set up requiring light where you need it. Simply peel and stick! Light can be cut to any length and provides 1200 Lumens per meter!

      Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:
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      A must buy if u stack bins

      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      • Customer service quality durability
      • Price a little but but not really any
      It does have the perfect lighting amount needed for each bin its specifically designed for stacking bins. So its pretty much a must have if your stacking bins even if its only 2 bins. Only thing is it’s definitely a little pricey because u can find very similar lights on amazon for alot cheaper and alot longer. Only thing they dont sell this exact brand on Amazon so u would really have to know what your doing and exactly what to look for so your best off just going with this like i said i just wish it was cheaper or at least longer or if it just came in the whole kit setup for the same price maybe an extra $5 would be kool. Regardless though ive only been dealing with this company for maybe a month or 2 now and i really have no complaints at all maybe a little on prices but their customer service makes up for that idk if i just got lucky n talked to the right people but they went above n beyond my expectations. I think thats the problem with most companies especially in these type of items ive noticed some have the worst customer service ever they argue n they blame everything on u regardless what it is n its sad because some ppl are newbies n some are advanced but either way that might the newbies last bit of money n was really into this as a hobby n it might just ruin his whole experience or if your advanced n just shopping around different companies comparing products, items, certain set ups, u make some yourself but still sometimes u dont have the time to build all the items yourself n this company has got it all figured out from what i can tell the bins are sturdy the 5 grain spawns they just came out with look n smell great n look like the perfect field capacity n the substrate looks fine just like any quality cvg substrate. They kept their word so im keeping mine n im leaving reviews on all products and about the over the top great customer support n service ive been receiving. I will leave update reviews as things move along!! And ill say this again because somebody messaged me off amazon after a lomg review n said i was a “bot” lmao or had to be an employee here!!! Lol im absolutely not an employee at this company like i said before i wish i was id get on a plane tonight n be on my way across the country lmao but yeah 10stars across the board!!

      Exactly what I wanted

      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      • Price
      • Flexible
      I needed flexible lighting for inside a Martha grow tent. Fit perfectly, was easy to do, and a great price.

      Led strips rock!

      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      These are great, literally stick anywhere or use small zip ties to hoot to a rack. These put off decent light and no heat! Great lighting option

      North Carolina

      Works like a charm!

      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      • Cost Effective Quality Value
      • None
      Works great with the grow house 🪴 🏠. It will provide enough light for all tiers. Great 👍 price & value 👏.

      Thank MGK


      Great lights

      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      Amazing spectrum, special for mushrooms.