Dunking a Bulk grow?

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Why don't more people dunk their Bulk grows?

Monotubs or Bulk Casing grows (where you break up your jars or bags and mix with casing in a container or tray)

Is there a way to dunk this?   Yes but with risks.

In theory it sounds like a good idea but there are some reasons not to attempt. We have done plenty of experimenting and trials and the results only yielded around 10%-15% additional growth on average.

Dunking a bulk casing has to be done with precision. (There are a few methods which we will discuss in future blog posts for those who are willing to risk) The big "cake" is much more fragile than a cake from a BRF 1/2 pint jar. Any tears or disruptions to the mycellium network can cause issues and set you back up to 5-7 days or sometimes permanent damage which can ruin your grow.

We always tell people it is possible to dunk, but not worth the effort and possible damage that can occur. The increased yield is minimal and only for people who are experienced and know the risks. All of our casing mixes have enough water content to provide 3 solid flushes.
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