Brown Beech Liquid Culture Syringe


  • 10cc Liquid Culture syringe
  • First Generation G1 Genetics

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    Brown Beech Mushrooms are known as Hypsizigus Tessellatus. They are considered as one of the most gourmet mushrooms due to their rich flavor that consists of a mild, sweet and nutty taste with a firm texture. Beech should be cooked, having a bitter taste when raw which disappears completely upon cooking. The cooked mushroom has a firm, slightly crunchy texture and a nutty flavor. Preparation makes the mushroom easier to digest. It is often eaten with stir-fried foods including wild game and seafood. It is used in soups, stews and sauces. When prepared alone, Beech mushrooms can be sautéed as a whole, including the stem or stalk (only the very end cut off), using a higher temperature; or, they can be slow roasted on a low temperature with a small amount of butter or cooking oil.

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    • 10cc Liquid Culture syringe
    • Alcohol Prep Pad
    • 16G 1.5" Luer Lock Needle

    Names: Brown Beech, Buna-shimeji, BeechBrown Clamshell

    Classification: Hypsizygus tessellatus

    Substrates: Rye Berries, Supplemented Sawdust, Straw

    Incubation Temp: 68-80° F

    Incubation Humidity: 85%-90%

    Incubation Time: 18 Days

    Fruiting Temp: 45-65° F

    Fruiting Humidity: 90%-93%

    Fruiting Time: 20 Days