• Colonized Grain Spawn Bag For Commercial Production 3 LBS (Choose Your Variety)  - GS3
  • Colonized Grain Spawn Bag For Commercial Production 3 LBS (Choose Your Variety)  - GS3

Myco Labs proudly presents our 3LB Colonized Grain Spawn, meticulously designed for both professional mushroom growing farms and dedicated mycologists. We understand the critical importance of superior genetics in cultivation, which is why our grain spawn is derived from first-generation genetics of various gourmet mushroom strains, ensuring robust growth and bountiful yields.

Our commitment to quality is unparalleled. Each 3lb bag of our colonized grain spawn is a testament to our dedication, crafted under the most stringent conditions in our own state-of-the-art facility. This guarantees a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of professional cultivators who rely on consistent and reliable service for the smooth operation of their farms.

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    Myco Labs is excited to introduce our premium 3LB Colonized Grain Spawn, a top-choice product for both professional mushroom cultivation and passionate mycologists. Our grain spawn stands out due to its exceptional quality, originating from first-generation genetics across a variety of gourmet mushroom strains. This guarantees not only vigorous growth but also abundant yields.

    Crafted from certified organic rye, milo & millet grain, our grain spawn is a thriving bed of mushroom mycelium. It's the preferred choice for inoculating sterilized or pasteurized substrates, and it's a staple in high-volume commercial production. For optimal results, we advise using our grain spawn within one to two months of purchase. Most species require refrigeration, except for the Pink Oyster strain, which should be kept at room temperature and used within two weeks.

    Please note, we do not provide instructions for making mushroom blocks as each grower's setup and mix preferences vary.

    We now carry the following varieties in stock, ready to ship!

  • Lion's Mane: Celebrated for its cognitive benefits.
  • Pink Oyster: Prized for its meaty texture.
  • Blue Oyster: Distinguished by its unique flavor.
  • Red Reishi: A medicinal mushroom
  • Maitake (Hen of the Woods): Earthy, rich flavor profile.
  • Shiitake: Popular for its unique taste.

  • We offer these varieties made to order:

    • Golden/Yellow Oyster: Notable for its vibrant color and taste.
    • Pink Oyster: Striking in color, delightful in taste.
    • Antler Reishi: Coveted for its medicinal properties.
    • White Pearl Oyster: Delicate in both texture and flavor.
    • Pioppino (Black Poplar): Offers an exotic culinary adventure.
    • Chestnut Mushroom: Known for its nutty taste.
    • Turkey Tail: Renowned for its healing qualities.
    • Phoenix Oyster: A versatile culinary ingredient.
    • Red Reishi: Sought after for its health benefits.
    • Sporeless Oyster: Distinctive for its lack of spores.
    • Wood Ear: A traditional component in Asian cuisine, valued for its texture.

    Myco Labs' 3LB Colonized Grain Spawn is the perfect launchpad for your mushroom cultivation, offering diversity, quality, and reliability. Embrace the world of mushrooms with confidence and expertise!

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    Arrived quickly, bags look healthy and white, hopefully you guys will carry more varieties soon!

    Lightning Fast Delivery!

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    Thanks guys! I was in a pinch and needed some Lion's Mane grain spawn for our production run. Ordered 10 bags and they shipped within 12 hours and arrived in 2 days! I am used to waiting 2-3 weeks for grain spawn orders. They actually weigh over 3lbs each and look promising! Will update review after xfer to 10lb blocks!