We offer a wide range of laboratory services including mushroom tissue cloning and cleaning. Have you ever found a mushroom in the wild that you would like to cultivate or maybe grown a monster mushroom you would like to duplicate or an interesting hybrid or genetic abnormality? We can take any fresh mushroom sample you send us, even the dirtiest sample from the wild and turn it into a clean agar plate, slant or a 60cc liquid culture syringe. We will send you an express shipping label to get your sample to our lab, we then use a variety of tools to clean and clone your sample and turn it into a viable liquid culture syringe, agar plate or slant for you to start growing it yourself! It takes about 14-21 days to fully clone a specimen.

Fresh samples must be less than 1 week old, we also accept liquid cultures, spore prints, & agar plates.

  • Mushroom Cloning Service Includes:
    • Express Pre-paid shipping label to our lab
    • Sample cleaning & Isolation
    • Finished specimen ships in your choice of 60cc Liquid Culture Syringe, 3 agar plates or 3 agar slants

Please contact us after ordering so we can get more information about what you would like. 

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