(1 WEEK INTRODUCTORY PRICING!) Agar slants are the best way to store and start a new grow. Can be used many times over! Used by commercial growers around the world, this unique blend of agar and nutrients allow you to take a slice from the master culture and transfer to a liquid culture or agar plate 5-6 times. These are also the way to store a live mushroom culture for long term. (1-2 years) Our agar slants are guaranteed to last at least 1 year or longer from the time you receive it. These live cultures are our 1st generation strains and can be easily transferred multiple times to agar plate or liquid culture with a scalpel or the included sterile punch tool.


  • 1 Agar Slant with your chosen species
  • 1 Disposable Agar Punch tool
  • 1 Sterile scalpel #11 Blade

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    • Lion
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    • Cordyceps Militaris
    • Pink Oyster
    • Wood Ear
    • Chestnut
    • Red Reishi

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    Storing mycelium specimens on agar slants offers significant benefits for long-term preservation. This method utilizes a small, angled surface of solid agar medium within a sealed tube, creating an ideal environment for mycelium growth and maintenance. The key advantage is the longevity it provides; mycelium stored this way can remain viable for several years, reducing the need for frequent subculturing. Our agar medium offers a stable, nutrient-rich environment that supports sustained mycelial health and genetic stability. Additionally, agar slants require minimal space, making them highly efficient for large-scale storage. This method also reduces the risk of contamination and dehydration, two common issues in mycelium preservation. By maintaining a closed, sterile environment, the integrity of the specimen is preserved, ensuring reliable results for future scientific research and cultivation.

    • 15ml Agar slant
    • Choose your species
    • Disposable punch tool & #11 blade Scalpel included. 

    Names: Antler Reishi (Ganoderma multipileum)

    Classification: Hypy essellatus

    Substrates: Rye Berries, Supplemented Sawdust, Straw

    Incubation Temp: 68-80° F

    Incubation Humidity: 85%-90%

    Incubation Time: 18 Days

    Fruiting Temp: 64-77° F

    Fruiting Humidity: 90%-93%

    Fruiting Time: 40-70 Days

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    On my first transfer and clean as a whistle! Literally half the price of any other vendor!