Unlock the secrets of the mushroom world like never before with MycoSense Mushroom Research and Identification Guide with PSILO-QTEST. This comprehensive resource provides everything you need, from identifying diverse species to analyzing their unique properties. Explore the fascinating realm of mushrooms with confidence and depth.

What's in the box?

  •  The Miraculix™ PSILO-QTEST Kit: Test the presence and amount of psilocybin in mushrooms. (1 specimen Test Kit)
  •  Illustrated Mushroom Field Guide: Your detailed roadmap to the myriad species of mushrooms. Beautifully illustrated, thoroughly explained.
  •  Pocket Magnifying Glass with 15X & 5X: A handy tool for inspecting the finest details. Dual magnification for the perfect view.
  •  Sterile Swabs for Spore Collection: Essential for maintaining the purity of your samples. No cross-contamination, no worries.
  •  Simple Identification Guide & Tests: Easy-to-follow mushroom hunting guide with tests to help determine the type and properties of your finds.

Miraculix™ PSILO-QTEST also available by itself. Please choose when adding item to cart. 

Experience mushroom hunting like never before with MycoSense. Ready for the adventure?

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    Step into the World of Fungi with MycoSense Mushroom Research and Identification Guide With PSILO-QTEST!

    Ever wondered what's popping up in your backyard after a rainstorm? Or who those funky umbrella-shaped folks are that appear out of nowhere in the forest? Well, you're in for a 'shroomy treat! We've got a new tool that'll turn you into a full-blown fungi fanatic in no time.

    The kit begins with an invaluable resource: an illustrated field guide showcasing the most common mushroom species found in North America. This guide provides comprehensive information on each mushroom, including its physical characteristics, habitat, and distinguishing features. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to identify mushrooms with confidence during your forays into the wild.

    But the Kit doesn't stop at identification alone. It also houses a groundbreaking innovation: Developed & Imported from Germany, the world's first rapid home test for determining the presence and concentration of psilocybin in magic mushrooms and extracts. Get your hands on the Miraculix™ PSILO-QTEST Kit. Psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychoactive compound, varies significantly in potency between species, varieties, and even batches, including cultivated ones.

    With the QTest, you can now easily assess the potency of any batch of dried mushrooms. This revolutionary home test provides quick results, offering both a percentage measurement of psilocybin content and an exact numerical ratio in milligrams per gram. By accurately determining the presence & potency it can help guide in determining the exact species and strain of psilocybe mushrooms.

    But wait, there's more! We're throwing in a Dual Zoom Pocket Magnifying Glass. Whether you need to go 5X or all the way up to 15X, we've got your back (and your eyes!). You'll be spotting spore prints and identifying gills with the precision of a hawk.

    We also didn't forget those necessary Sterile Swabs for clean spore collection. To delve even deeper into the world of mushrooms, we've included two sterile swabs for sampling spores. By collecting spores and examining their color and appearance under a microscope, you can gather additional data to aid in the identification process. This hands-on approach enhances your ability to differentiate between similar species and expands your knowledge of mushroom diversity.

    And to top it all off, our kit comes with Simple Identification Tests. No need for hours of head-scratching and fruitless internet searches. Just follow our steps, and you'll be identifying mushrooms like a pro!

    The MycoSense Mushroom Research and Identification Guide With PSILO-QTEST! empowers you to unlock the secrets of the fungal kingdom. Whether you're an avid mushroom enthusiast, a passionate mycologist, or simply intrigued by the magic of mushrooms, this comprehensive kit equips you with the knowledge, tools, and insights needed to navigate the captivating world of fungi. Unleash your curiosity, embark on expeditions, and uncover the wonders hidden beneath the forest canopy with confidence and scientific precision.

    Your backyard will never look the same again, and your walks in the woods just got a whole lot more interesting!

    Miraculix™ PSILO-QTEST also available by itself. Please choose when adding item to cart.

    To learn more about the Miraculix™ Q-Test click visit the manufacturer's website by clicking here

    MycoSense Kit Disclaimer

    While the MycoSense Mushroom ID & Test Kit is meticulously designed to empower users with crucial information and tools to assist in mushroom identification and evaluation of psilocybin concentration, it's essential to note that it should not serve as the sole source for this information.

    The very nature of mycology, with its rich diversity of species and variable traits, means that complete accuracy in identification and potency measurement can be complex and requires a multifaceted approach. Although the MycoSense Mushroom ID & Test Kit is an excellent tool within this broader framework, the potential for error, misunderstanding, or misapplication is inherent in any scientific testing procedure.

    The kit's primary purpose is to serve as a companion tool for mushroom identification and potency evaluation. It's intended to aid and enhance your understanding of mushrooms and their potential psychotropic properties but should be supplemented by additional sources and expert consultation. The field of mycology is vast and complex, and this kit alone cannot capture every nuance or potential variable.

    As such, we strongly recommend corroborating the information obtained from the MycoSense Mushroom ID & Test Kit with other reliable resources. These could include local mycological experts, professional laboratory tests, and reputable scientific literature. Ensuring accuracy through multiple methods will reduce the risk of misidentification or incorrect potency estimation, particularly for species known to contain psychoactive or potentially harmful compounds.

    When working with mushrooms, especially those with potential psychoactive or toxic properties, it's vital to understand the risks involved. Misidentification can have serious, potentially harmful consequences. For this reason, it's paramount to approach the process of mushroom identification and potency determination responsibly, cautiously, and thoroughly. The kit's role is to aid this process, not to replace the essential steps of thorough research, expert consultation, and if necessary, laboratory confirmation.

    The field Guide and information included is a starting point to better educate on mushroom identification. Cross contamination is another issue, where two species that look alike often can grow side by side and be mistaken as one. The Q-Test would show a positive result, leading to a misidentification. Consulting local experts, or sending your sample in to a lab is the only true way to positively ID a known mushroom.

    This kit includes:

    1. The Miraculix™ PSILO-QTEST Kit: Our cutting-edge PSILO-QTEST Kit revolutionizes the way you analyze and understand mushrooms. Perfectly safe and easy to use, this kit is a game-changer in mushroom analysis.

    2. Illustrated Mushroom Field Guide: Our detailed and visually stunning field guide will become your best companion in your mushroom hunting endeavors. The guide includes comprehensive illustrations and descriptions of various mushroom species, helping you identify different types of mushrooms with ease.

    3. Pocket Magnifying Glass with 15X & 5X: To assist you in observing intricate details, we have included a handy pocket magnifying glass. The dual magnification options (15X & 5X) allow for close-up inspection of your finds.

    4. Sterile Swabs for Spore Collection: To ensure the integrity of your mushroom samples, our kit includes sterile swabs. These are essential for spore collection, allowing you to gather samples without cross-contamination.

    5. Simple Identification Tests: With our easy-to-follow identification tests, you can quickly and accurately determine the type and properties of the mushrooms you find.

    Explore the intriguing world of mushrooms with the Mycosense Mushroom Research and Identification Guide With PSILO-QTEST. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery and knowledge. Your mushroom hunting adventures will never be the same again.

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    Great buy

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    My order came on time ot was all their and even had a well informed panelist on how to start from step 1 to harvest

    Cool Research Guide

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    • Good quality
    • arrived as expected
    • wish the test kit was sold separately
    Very good quality research guide, colorful artwork, and reliable test kit.


    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Test was fun and results took about 30 mins. I can't comment on what I tested, but lets say my friends will be very pleased!



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    • Got it fast!
    • Nice packaging
    • Q-test is accurate!
    • Don't need other stuff
    • wish they sold just the Q-Test
    Great little package! I bought this for the test kit but thanks for including the guide and other stuff! You need to sell just the test kit! I am amazed at the results I got on my grow! I won't get into detail but this kit is accurate! I wanted to check on a particular strain I thought was potent but had no idea it was among the top 5! I need like 10 more of these kits!!! Haha



    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Really cool! Bought two kits and there was a clear differnce between strains! Im addicted!