Our top-tier laminar flow hoods, developed by clean room technology specialists, provide a professional workspace suitable for both hobbyist and professional spawn labs.

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Sterile 6mm Agar Punches (2-Pack) Stainless-Steel Blade Punches, agar work, cloning, cosmetic needs, heavy-duty use, comfortable grip, sterile punches, mycelium transfers, precise transfer, circular shape, mycelium growth, professional-grade results, tempered Stainless-Steel blades,
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    Facilitate your mycelium transfers with ease using our specialized sterile punches, designed for precise and accurate transfer of the ideal amount of mycelium to another dish. Measuring 6mm in size, these punches are perfectly suited for agar transfers in this field. The circular shape of the punches is specifically designed to facilitate mycelium growth in a 360-degree circle, ensuring professional-grade results that meet the highest standards of the industry.Crafted from premium quality,...

    Mushroom Cultivation Clean Room Equipment

    Contaminated environments can negatively impact the lifespan and quality of your mushrooms. Our equipment for mushroom cultivation clean rooms is specifically crafted to establish pristine, sterile conditions, supporting various cultivation methods and preventing contamination. These tools are essential for both novice and experienced mushroom cultivators.