We have isolated a strain that grows easily indoors! You won't find a better version of this delicious mushroom that you can grow indoors anywhere else!

Our Maitake (Hen of the woods) grow kit is the easy way to enjoy this amazing mushroom! Typically a very hard to grow mushroom, our kit makes it easy! We have spent years developing this particular strain of Maitake that can be grown easily indoors.


  • 5 pound colonized spawn bag
  • Pump spray mister
  • Simple Instructions

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    (Back in Stock) Our 5 pound grow kits use a proprietary mix of hardwood & grain spawn. Using only first generation mycelium, our colonized bags produce around 2.5-3 pounds of mushrooms. Easy to use, just cut and mist or place the bag in a clear tote along with a small amount of water and mist daily.


    • 5 pound colonized spawn bag
    • Ultra-fine pump mister
    • Simple Instructions

    Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa) has an earthy aroma and a wholesome taste. Rich in vitamin D, it helps everything from cancer support to bone health. Its distinctive shape has earned it the nickname “hen-of-the-woods.” It’s also known as sheep head and king of the mushrooms, with its most common name — maitake — meaning “dancing mushroom.”
    Maitake mushroom is rich in bioactive polysaccharides, especially D-fraction, MD-fraction, and SX-fraction. These protein polysaccharides have well-documented immune-protecting and antitumor properties.

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    Fruiting Temperatures: 66-77 Degrees

    Maitake need plenty of indirect light!