MycoLab Supplies for Growing Mushrooms

Mushroom growing is both an art and a science. Think of your mushroom growing venture as a science experiment, and treat your growing area accordingly. Stock your growing space with MycoLab agar plates, sterile syringes, and hydrogen peroxide.

Midwest Grow Kits provides stellar advice and only the best equipment to grow mushrooms. Avoid cross-contamination by inoculating your spores in a clean environment separate from the rest of your living space. From sterilized agar plates to disposable scalpels, we have all the MycoLab supplies you need to create a professional-grade growing environment.

Start your mushroom growing hobby off on the right foot with a healthy stock of MycoLab supplies. You’ll recognize the importance of high-quality, sterile supplies when you harvest your delicious home-grown mushrooms.

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5th Tier Shelf for Indoor Mushroom Green House Martha Tent Extra Shelf for Martha Tents
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Item #: GH2 -

    Need more space in your Martha Tent? Adding a 5th tier is simple! This shelf will fit seamlessly in the empty slots on the top shelf of your greenhouse.

    All-in-One Mushroom Grow Bag (4 lbs) for Manure Loving Mushrooms Cultivating mushrooms, large quantities, all-in-one grow bag, alternative cultivation methods, All-in-One Bags, minimal space, bountiful harvest, Easy and Convenient, High-Quality Ingredients, Sustainable, environmentally friendly, multiple harvests, fresh mushrooms,inject spores, liquid culture, colonization, substrate, Wild Horse Manure Booster, pressure sterilized, autoclave, .5 Micron filter bag, pre-sterilized mushroom growing kit, substrate, grain, filter Patch, home growers, mushroom spores, mycelium, warm and humid environment, mushroom species, fresh mushrooms, beginners,
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      (**BLACK FRIDAY DEAL**) If you're short on space but still want to cultivate your favorite mushrooms, our All-in-One Mushroom Grow Bags are the perfect solution! With our innovative bags, you can experience the satisfaction of growing your own mushrooms without the need for tubs or greenhouses. Using our bags is simple: inject 5cc of your spores or liquid culture, wait 15-25 days for colonization, then break up the colonized grain and shake the bag. Once the bag re-colonizes, your mushrooms...

      ABM Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe (10cc)   ABM mushroom
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      Price: $12.50
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      Item #: ABM10 -

        ABM Mushroom (Agaricus Blazei-murrill) Liquid Culture Syringe. ABM mushrooms colonizes rye berries well and can be spawned to any hardwood substrate. This amazing mushroom is imported from Brazil and known for its superior health benefits. It has a nutty rich flavor and can be cultivated on hardwood or manure based substrates. All orders that consist of ONLY liquid culture syringes receive free upgrade to FedEX 2-Day or USPS Priority Mail! ...

        Bulk Organic Red Sorghum (Milo) Grain
        Price: $29.99
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        Item #: RS10 -

          Our organic red milo is the perfect choice for making mushroom spawn. Our red milo is carefully sourced from organic farms and is free from any harmful chemicals or additives, ensuring that you receive a pure, high-quality product. Red milo is an excellent choice for mushroom cultivation due to its nutritional value and natural properties. It is rich in protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals that can help promote healthy mycelial growth and fruiting. In addition, the red...

          Sterilized Malt Extract Agar Slants (5-Pack)  Midwests malt extract agar slants, agar slants, mycelium, Fungal cultures, pure cultures, diagnostic, research, organic malt extract, organic locust bean gum, potato dextrose, viability, durable, mushroom mycelium, test tubes, vacuum-sealed, polyolefin packaging, long-term preservation, transport,
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          Item #: SL5 -

            Agar Slants are a solid medium used in Mycology to culture and maintain healthy mycelium. The slanted shape of the agar slant provides a larger surface area for mycelium growth compared to a flat agar plate, as well as enabling easier storage and transport of Fungal cultures. These slants are commonly used for the long-term preservation of Fungal cultures and the propagation of pure cultures for diagnostic and research purposes. In addition, some agar slants can be used to store mycelium for...

            Hydrogen Peroxide 35% (4oz)  Hydrogen Peroxide, mushroom growing, disinfectant properties, mold strains, multi-purpose product, water and oxygen, over the counter, 3%, Medical/Food grade, concentrate, concentration levels, dilute, concentration level, versatile solution, toolkit, broad disinfectant properties, customizable strength, combat molds, clean breakdown, harmless, go-to product,
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            Item #: P35 -

              (LIMITED TIME SALE!)  Hydrogen Peroxide has always been a multi-purpose product used in many facets of the mushroom growing process. Its broad disinfectant properties and clean breakdown into water and oxygen make it the ideal choice for any mushroom enthusiast to have on hand. All over the counter Hydrogen Peroxide sold is diluted to only 3%. One 4oz bottle of our 35% Medical/Food grade concentrate contains the equivalent of 8 regular bottles! With many uses at different concentration...

              Mini Alcohol Lamp Inoculation Bundle alcohol lamp, portable lighting, denatured alcohol, metal reinforced wicks, on-the-go, durable, professional cultivator, inoculating, spore syringes, substrate jars, spawn bags, flame sterilization, butane-free, high temperatures, black soot residue, superior alternative, sterilization, cultivation process
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              Item #: AL1 -

                Our mini portable aluminum alcohol lamp is an essential tool for any professional cultivator. When inoculating spore syringes into substrate jars and spawn bags, flame sterilization of the needle is a critical requirement. Unlike regular lighters that contain butane, our alcohol lamp burns denatured alcohol and produces high temperatures, ensuring complete sterilization without leaving any black soot residue. With regular lighters, substrate tends to cling to the needle while inoculating,...

                Reusable Self Healing Injection Ports  (50 Pack) self-healing injection port, mushroom spawn, high-temperature silicone, EPDM foam rubber, autoclave temperatures, reusable, cost-effective, hassle-free inoculation, puncturable membrane, sterile environments, syringe, substrate, jar lids, spawn bags, 3M adhesive backing, repeated use, ultimate solution
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                Item #: INJ2 -

                  A reusable self-healing injection port is a device that is used in the process of inoculating a substrate with mushroom spores or culture. It is typically made from a special blend of high-temperature silicone and EPDM foam rubber, and features a small, puncturable membrane that "self-heals" after being pierced by a syringe. This allows for repeated use of the injection port without the need for additional equipment or materials. The adhesive backing used on these ports is typically designed...

                  Bulk Organic White Millet Grain    organic white millet, mushroom grain spawn, sustainable farming practices, high nutritional value, easy to digest, optimal texture, faster colonization times, greater yields, cost-effective, convenient, healthy alternative, pesticide-free, chemical-free, natural, superior quality, affordable, easy to prepare, mushroom cultivation, mycelium growth, healthy mycelium.
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                  Item #: WM10 -

                    Looking for an organic, high-quality grain option for mushroom grain spawn production? Look no further than our organic white millet! Our organic white millet is carefully selected with the hull intact and grown using sustainable farming practices, ensuring that it is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. This makes it an ideal choice for mushroom growers who are looking for a healthy, natural alternative to conventional grain options. One of the key benefits of using organic white...

                    Red Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit (5lbs)
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                    Item #: RES1 -

                      Red Reishi mushrooms, also known as Ganoderma lucidum, are a type of medicinal mushroom that have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. These mushrooms are often referred to as the "king of herbs" due to their potential health benefits.Red Reishi mushrooms have a distinct kidney or fan-shaped cap with a shiny, reddish-brown surface. The cap can range in size from 5 to 30 cm across, and the stem is usually short and stubby. They are found growing on decaying hardwood...

                      Wide Mouth Jar Cultivation Lids with Injection Port (6-Pack)  wide mouth cultivation lids 6-Pack, 90mm jar, grain spawn, liquid culture, synthetic filter, 0.2 Micron filtration, injection port, self-healing, 3M adhesive, seamless fit, canning jar, fresh air, unwanted contaminants, continuous flow, multiple inoculations, plastic lids
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                      Item #: LD6 -

                        Our cultivation lids are designed to fit seamlessly onto any commonly used "wide mouth" 90mm canning jar, making them a preferred choice among cultivators. These lids are equipped with a top-quality synthetic filter, measuring 22mm, and capable of filtering out particles as small as 0.2 Microns, which is the highest level of filtration available. The use of these lids enables a continuous flow of fresh air while preventing the entry of any unwanted contaminants. They are suitable for...

                        Bulk Organic Red Millet Grain (20 Pounds)
                        Price: $29.99
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                        Item #: RM20 -

                          Looking for a nutritious and reliable substrate for your mushroom spawn? Look no further than our organic red millet! Our organic red millet is carefully sourced from trusted farmers who use sustainable and organic farming practices. It is free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, making it a safe and healthy option for your mushroom growth. Red millet is a nutrient-rich grain that is high in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, providing a nutritious substrate for your...